Have you ever wondered what happens in the deep woods on Christmas Eve?


Christmas News Story for Canadian Parents and Animal Lovers

Canadian author Donnie Lochrie has come up with a new Christmas character for you to enjoy with your family and/or even your pet.

Available for Christmas 2013, Christmas with Sasquatch: A Storybook and DVD

This unique Christmas story is about a kind-hearted Sasquatch who delivers presents to the forest animals on Christmas Eve.

The spirit of giving comes alive as you take a magical journey to discover the mysteries of Christmas with Sasquatch.

Children of all ages can now learn more about this iconic, new Christmas character by listening to the song, watching the music video, or purchasing the 28-page, full-colour children’s book at christmaswithsasquatch.com.

The book can also be purchased directly at amazon.ca or etsy.com. This limited, signed first-edition comes with an exclusive DVD, containing the music video and a read-aloud version of the storybook. Written in an easy rhyme for young readers and printed in a large font type, Christmas with Sasquatch is perfect to enjoy with your entire family.

The story is the creation of Canadian songwriter Donnie Lochrie, who performed and recorded the song with his band Kick in the Eye. After experiencing their own Sasquatch sighting (detailed below), Donnie and his wife Marian Lochrie, decided to turn the song into a storybook and filmed a three and a half-minute video, using home-made props and sets. The video and storybook feature a distinctive Sasquatch puppet, custom-made by Vancouver doll maker Exu Nazares, as well as landscape paintings done by Donnie, Marian, and their then five-year old daughter, Elyse.

Marian Lochrie explains, “Donnie wrote the song “Christmas with Sasquatch" for our band, and I turned the lyrics into the text for this adorable children's book about a kind-hearted Sasquatch who delivers presents to the forest animals on Christmas Eve. I used still shots from the music video to provide the pictures for the story”

She also points out that, “Many people don’t know, but Santa has unrecognized helpers all over the world. He has Krampus, from Austria, to help with the naughty children; Rare Exports Inc, from Finland, to expedite the timely delivery of Father Christmas to the shopping malls; and now the Christmas Sasquatch, from Canada, to help spread the spirit of Christmas to all the pets and animals.”

Now that Christmas with Sasquatch: A Storybook and DVD has been published, the Lochries have begun regional self-distribution and have made the book available for sale at amazon.ca and etsy.com. Looking to the future, they hope to turn the story into a half-hour television special and have begun the process of writing a screenplay, crafting more songs, and finding a team of artists and investors for an animated Christmas with Sasquatch.

Not surprisingly, praise for the book recalls those classic, Rankin and Bass, specials of old: “An awesome kids book very much in the feeling of the old fashioned Rudolf Christmas special!" says Phil Lipton of Crescent Beach Toys.

This year, be the first to introduce this whimsical new Christmas character to your friends and family. It is also the perfect gift for the person who thinks they already have everything Christmas-y!

The Sasquatch Sighting that Inspired Christmas with Sasquatch: A Storybook and DVD

Author, Donnie Lochrie, had his own personal experience with the Sasquatch when, in early May 2010, he was visiting the property of his recently deceased father-in-law. His wife’s family had been living on their property in Mission, BC for three generations, and had had sporadic encounters with timid bears, so when Donnie was warned of recent bear activity, he was not concerned and ventured onto the back of the property to say his good-byes. The following series of events would never be forgotten.

As he, his wife and family proceeded down the familiar path, his wife was becoming alarmed by a stench unlike any she’d ever experienced on the land: a pungent, vile odour. In the moment, the events that they experienced overwhelmed their senses, and filled them with a sense that something was ominous. A sudden wind began to push the branches of nearby trees so that they seemed to create a barrier between the group and the clearing beyond. A strange sense of danger permeated the scene, and Donnie couldn’t help but notice a ball-peen hammer wedged into a tree. “A weapon, just in case,” he thought to himself.

Shaking off superstition, they proceeded on. After emerging from the path and into the clearing, the family stopped and scanned the field and bushes beyond for any bear activity. Suddenly a guttural threat-bark, a grunt, like that coming from a gorilla, broke the howling wind. Both Donnie and Marian heard it. Then Donnie saw him: a long arm covered in mangy, long, brownish-red hair, similar to that of a chimpanzee, and a hunched-over shape whose back towered to the top of the overgrown blackberry bushes. Dark knuckles seemed to scrape the ground. Donnie is an experienced hunter. He has seen many bears both from far away and close up. He even grew up with a bear-skin rug in his living room! Bear hair looks thick, dense and dark. What he saw was orangish, long, and wispy. The stature of the animal he saw did not resemble a bear. Donnie saw a long arm and a tall, hunched-over posture. Avoiding any confrontational eye contact, the family quickly backed off, retreating along the path from whence they had come.

Could it have been a tall, thin bear just out of hibernation, or was it the legendary Sasquatch? The Lochries didn’t stick around to find out and zoomed off in their vehicle.

In retrospect, they realised their experience matched a Sasquatch sighting to a tee: the strange, overwhelming smell, the wild wind, and the threatening bark. Now, they can’t watch a Sasquatch documentary without getting a chill.

Title: Christmas with Sasquatch: A Storybook and DVD
Author: Donnie Lochrie
Reading Level: 2
Ages: 3-103
Target Audience: Suitable for anyone looking for fresh Christmas stories that have a classic feel, animal lovers and, of course, for fans of cryptozoology.
ISBN: 978-0-9878633-0-0
YouTube promo link : http://youtu.be/YHDZ2tXq7iE
YouTube music video link :  http://youtu.be/IiK90B1OMcE

Amazon link: amazon.ca
Etsy link: etsy.com

Donnie and Marian Lochrie